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1 Year education at Adam beauty academy


1- Hair-Cutting
You will learn a comprehensive range of haircuts for both men and women, from basic to creative and trendy cuts.
By practicing on models, we will closely tutor you in all cut and finish services (scissors-over-comb, layering, graduation, combing), teach you to pay close attention to bone structure while shaping, and show you different finishing methods and blow-drying techniques. We pride ourselves on our heavy emphasis on using models to practise on - it has the additional benefit of gradually easing you into feeling comfortable with complete strangers and to develop the social and communication skills that a good stylist requires to coif and style a customer to perfect satisfaction.

2- Hair-Coloring
Coloring is a skill quite separate from hair-cutting and requires a sophisticated knowledge of color theory. It is, however, also extremely enjoyable, fun and creative once you have learned color theory & color charts. We will expose you to the range of colors and product lines on the cosmetics market, each of which have slightly different properties and advantages. You will leave feeling confident in providing bespoke color treatments to offer highly individualized services and consultations.
Naturally, hair-coloring techniques will also be practised on models and will cover full color, strips, balayage, ombré, toning color, and combinations of techniques.

3- Hairstyle

We will show you the best techniques for hairstyling and products use to achieve different textures and accentuate different hairstyles, from waves and beachy hair to bridle, red-carpet and creative fashion styles.

4- Make-up

We will introduce you to all aspects of make-up theory: preparation of face, skin types, contouring & highlighting, backing, powders, colour correction, foundation, concealer, lip & cheek enhancement, eye-liner, eye shadow, false eyelashes & eye shapes. You will alternate between hearing theoretical explanations and watching demonstrations, and students will practise make-up skills on each other. We will closely supervise you -- from the basics of shaping a customer's face by contouring & highlighting, to creating bridal & red-carpet make-up, glam & celebrity looks, editorial & fashion make-up for magazines, and air-brushing techniques for television and music videos. ​

As before, we will emphasize the importance of stylist-client interaction, and advise you how to develop an engaging communication style -- not just to make the most of the pleasure and fun styling can be, but to allow genuinely creative synergy to emerge!


The 1-Year Course is divided between theory, working in the salon and exams.

First 2 - 3 months:

is the theory and practice on dull heads and real models of hair cutting and coloring. Products and tools knowledge. Communication and professionalism. After that is 2 days the exam
Day one theory exam.
Day two working live on models.

After passing the exam you will be ready to move to the salon and start working with real clients. Every day till the end of the education.

Last 3 months there will be a professional photoshoot for students portfolio
and also an theory exam to make sure they don’t miss anything.

All the students gets their starting kit first day in the school and that’s included the price for the education.

For international students. We offer Danish lessons in hairdresser filed to make sure our students can have a basic conversation with our clients. And know their needs.

Price: 45,000 inkl VAT

Starting dates.

Day time

5 August 2019 4 November 2019

7 January 2020 1 April 2020

Evening time:

5 August 2019

7 January 2020

Certificate: international diploma

We also helping all our students finding jobs after they are finish their education and we also help them to start their own business.​

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